Verona Season

Today we said goodbye to Milan and left for Verona. The bus ride was about 2.5 hours and it went fairly quickly because we had a view of the Alps for most of the ride. I loved seeing the snow covered tips and the sharpness of the mountains. 

Once we got to Verona, we unfortunately had to walk a block with our luggage in the rain. This was obviously bad, but even worse was the fact that we had a walking tour planned later that day and it seemed the weather would once again not cooperate. I was upset about this because when I was looking out the window of the bus it seemed like the city was very beautiful. Regardless, we took our luggage to our rooms and got settled in quickly because this walking tour was happening rain or shine.

Our tour guide was a nice lady and our first main stop on the tour was a massive ancient arena built during the days of the Romans. We learned about the history of the arena and one interesting fact is there are 72 gates to the arena and it holds about 20,000 people. At the ground level the arena was impressive but it did not blow me away. It wasn’t until I climbed many flights of stairs to the top when I was able to appreciate the size and significance of the arena. Not only was this arena large and still in great shape, but it also survived a massive earthquake in the 1200’s that ruined a lot of other ancient structures. It truly is an engineering marvel. 

After the arena we visited a palace built near a river which had a bridge overlooking the city. The views from the bridge were amazing because the alps were a background for the city skyline and the river rushed below us. We took tons of pictures here. 

Afterwards, my friends and I grabbed dinner. I had delicious pasta with sauce made from donkey. It tasted just like beef and it was cool because the restaurant said it was a traditional Veronese dish. It felt good to get something different because eating the same pasta and pizza everyday gets old no matter how delicious it is. Overall today was a great day and I look forward to what Verona has to offer in the next few days.

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