Day 8: A Solemn Day at Dachau

Today was a heavy, but important experience. You learn about things in school but they really don’t click until you see it first hand. I had that experience today when vising the Dachau concentration camp. We had a tour of the camp and learned about the history of it. The camp was focused on capturing the political opposition of the national socialist party at first. Then, as Hitler became more aggressive in his tactics, Dachau also began to host more Jewish people and others as well. We learned of the brutal things that occurred at the camp. I won’t go into detail because I don’t think that it is necessary or appropriate for this blog but seeing what occurred is a shocking experience. I remember reading Anne Frank and learning about concentration camps from my schooling, but it never felt as close as it did today. This is not ancient history. The buildings and structures of where this all occurred still stand as a reminder of “Never Again”, the statement posted in front of the main building to remind us of this time. Some survivors and liberators are still alive today and sometimes even come visit Dachau. It was a very heavy start to the day, but I believe that it was very important to see this part of history of Germany.

On the bus ride back, we had sandwiches and pretzels. When we got to the hotel we had a discussion in the lobby and then the rest of the day was free. I started the free time by chilling in the room and laying down on the bed to relax from earlier in the day. I needed to clear my head so after a quick nap, it was time to get some dinner. So a group of us ventured out to go get döner, which is basically like a Gyro but better (picture shown below). It was excellent and very filling, as all the meals here are. This helped change our mood and we were able to turn the day happier. I had been pushing for us to get gelato so we went to a place on the way back. Amazingly, a cone of gelato only cost 1 euro! So I got a chocolate cone and was very happy with my purchase. Unfortunately, on the way back we saw a dog and I got so excited to take a picture of it that I practically ate the whole cone in one bite. It was worth it though, check out these pictures of the awesome dog. Also, apparently according to Steph, if I was a dog, I would be a Beagle.

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