I Thought Those Ten Miles in Munich Were Bad… (Day 11)

May 14th, 2019

Today we made a trip to Ulm to climb the Münster Cathedral and tour the city. We had breakfast at the hotel before departing around 7:45 for the train station. We caught the ICE to Ulm, which was super awesome. I have been in planes before, but I have never traveled so fast on land. I sat in a backwards position though, which made me a little bit dizzy. It was still a very cool experience to watch the countryside flying by outside the window.

We arrived in Ulm about an hour later. Upon our arrival, we saw massive cranes at a construction site near the train station. I had been very interested in construction equipment when I was younger, and it was really cool to see these cranes because I could get pretty close to them, compared to the allowed proximity in the United States. 

We walked to the center of the town. As we rounded the corner, I was greeted by an awesome sight. The Münster was absolutely massive! It is the tallest church in the world, and it took over five HUNDRED years to build. I was confident in our ability to scale it though.

We went into the church and admired some of the stained glass and other artwork. Then it was time for the climb. We had 768 steps ahead of us, and we wouldn’t let them scare us. A select group of us, including myself, Jeff, Justin, Nick, and Brett, decided we would try to go as fast as possible. After about the first hundred steps, though, we were exhausted. I couldn’t run anymore. As we got higher and higher, I got more and more winded. Finally, we reached the top. We were able to do it in about seven and a half minutes! I was miserable while we were up there from climbing too fast, and my ears ached badly, so I don’t think I was able to fully appreciate the view.

The Münster and the View from the Top

The trip down was worse. I got so dizzy from the circular staircases. We finally made it down, and I ran to Starbuck’s in a desperate search for water. On the way, I saw a Rolex store and stopped to admire the watches. I like cars as you can tell (car for today is a matte black F-Type R), but I was psyched to see a Patek Philippe display. One watch was 45,000 Euros!

We took a tour of the rest of the city after that. Ulm is a very pretty city with a lot of history, especially in the oldest quarter of town. As part of the tour, we learned about the city’s historical importance and its devastation during WWII. Fortunately, the Münster was not bombed along with the 80% of the rest of the town that was. We got to see the Danube from atop the walls that surrounded the city in the Middle Ages. Our tour was too brief, and it was soon time for lunch. We ate at the Pfannekuchenhaus, which is a specialty place for all types of pancakes. I don’t have a picture, but they were giant! Mine had chicken, ham, and mushrooms with gravy. It was really delicious! We sang happy birthday to Eamonn at the restaurant as a group for those who hadn’t been able to sing it before.

Houses in the Old Quarter of Ulm

We departed Ulm at 2:15 PM, but we almost missed the train! After rushing to the station, we had a relaxing train ride back, where Lucas and I planned our trip to Stuttgart. When we got back to Augsburg, it was grind time. We met up with the rest of our team at the Augsburg University Library and put in a couple good hours of work. I think our presentation is shaping up pretty nicely, but I still just want to get it over with. I think we are pretty well prepared. I had dinner at Döner, a gyro place on the Maximilianstraße. I never thought I would like gyros, but this place is so good. I’m going to miss it back in the states.

That concluded our long day, and I was exhausted. Presentations are tomorrow (may not be an exciting blog), and I’m starting to get nervous. I’ll report how it goes tomorrow!

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