We had an ULMazing Time (Day 10)

Today we went to Ulm, where we met the challenge we had been thinking about since the beginning our trip: climbing the 768 steps of the Ulmer Münster. I started the day with the hotel breakfast, I try to mix it up but since the waffle tastes so good it is hard to move on from a it. We got to take an ICE train to Ulm which is different from the train we were able to take to Munich. It certainly felt even smoother, which is hard to imagine as the regular trains also run so smoothly. They also went so much faster in comparison, also the ICE trains are white instead of red. 

Once we got to Ulm, I was astonished by how modern the city looked but I later learned on the city tour that there is a New Ulm and Old Ulm. New Ulm was full of modern looking buildings and construction whereas Old Ulm was filled with the older buildings and was at point bombed during World War II. Ulm was also a lot bigger than I had thought, I was expecting more of a small town. We started our day in Ulm by climbing by the Ulmer Münster and it went by a lot quicker than I had thought, but don’t get me wrong it most definitely still got me out of breath.

the Ulmer Münster

On the way up, Freddie and I found this room where you could see the mechanics of the bells and it also had all these sketches of churches, cathedrals, and other religious monuments including mosques in Europe. I thought it was interesting that though these sketches are in a Christian institution, the sketches were not only Christian and that those in charge of the church were respectful of other religions. After this quick pitstop, getting to the top wasn’t much further. Once we made it to the top, I was obviously in awe of the beautiful view of the city and the fields that spanned the horizon.

the view from the top of the Ulmer Münster

It was super windy and very narrow at the top, there was only room for one person at each spot around the tower. There was no way you could stand directly behind someone. On the way down, I definitely understood what Arielle had told me about getting nauseous because of the swirly, circular stairs. 

Once we got down, we began our tour of Ulm with our tour guide David. He showed us around the historical sites, and we got to walk along the Danube River for a bit. Once we learned that Ulm was able to become a city it was along the river, it made a lot more sense that it was so much bigger than I had thought. I loved getting to walk through the city, because though they are comparable to cities like Pittsburgh in size, they are so beautiful and have a totally different feel to them. They are not nearly as industrial the cities in the United States or at least the parts we saw of them. Also, they are a lot cleaner and are well taken care of. 

Our next stop was a crepe place called Allgäuer Hof, where I got a sweet crepe with bananas, ice cream, chocolate syrup. At this restaurant, you could get savory crepes as well with meat and such. It was pretty good, but it was also huge, and I was not expecting it to be the size that is was.

my sweet crepe at lunch

At the restaurant, the woman who owned the place had made Eamonn a cake for his birthday, so we celebrated for a second time.

Eamonn blowing out the birthday candles

After our meal, we took the ICE train back to Augsburg. That afternoon, my group and I went back to the university in order to prepare a little more. After a group of us went to Murdock’s, an Irish pub, for dinner. The food was actually really good, and I got apple juice because I of course have to enjoy it while I can. The juices in Germany are so good and are not as made of as much sugar and concentrate as they are in the United States.

my dinner at Murdock’s

We had some really good conversation making the time pass by much too fast, then we sadly headed back for a night filled with a lot more work on our presentations.

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