Day 9: Carbon Creation

Today was the last visit to our companies. We went to the site of SGL Carbon. This presenter was the best! He had graduated from the Katz school of business at Pitt and had been a student of Dr. Feick! He not only gave an in depth explanation of what his company does, but did it in a way that all of us could understand. He spoke straight forward and with humor. Additionally, our group must have posed 7-10 hard questions to him, and he answered each one with great detail.

The tour was fascinating as we saw the process on how carbon fiber is made. With such a large factory, I was surprised to see only a few workers. Most of the work is automated. I learned the different ways carbon fiber could be used and we were able to touch and feel how strong the material really is when we were given a board of it to handle. I tried to bend it, but it was much too strong. It did not even budge. After the tour, we were served a nice lunch. The lunch consisted of rice, vegetables, and meat wrapped in cabbage. I still don’t know what type of meat it was, but I really enjoyed it. For dessert, we had custard with a jam like substance on top. Apparently, we were suppose to mix the two, but I gobbled it without and it tasted delicious. After lunch, we thanked our tour guides and presenters. It was an informative and very interesting visit.

Again more bikes were seen on the site

The day was not over yet. There was work to be done. When we arrived back at our hotel, my Faurecia group decided it would be beneficially to meet and complete our presentation. Our German friends were very nice and realized just how exhausted we all were. We decided to meet in the lobby of our hotel so we would not have to travel. At the hotel, Noemi and I worked on our part which was the PEST analysis. Having no prior experience doing this, I found it to be quite challenging. We decided it would be beneficial if we would review each of the four sections together. Researching the company was frustrating. On at least three separate occasions, links which should have taken me to websites, instead came to  a page that  said the information has been taken down/ the page does not exists. I was exhausted and had little patience at this point. However, I knew my group was counting on me, so I persevered. After four hours of researching, we decided it was time to finish for the day. We planned to do more work as we did not finish our slideshow yet.

That night we decided to go to a Mexican restaurant called Sausalitos to celebrate Eamonn’s birthday. Mexican in Germany- why not? This was a fun stress relief evening after a long day. I am happy as I believe Eamonn enjoyed his birthday- and the food was good!

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