Day 10: 768 steps later…

Today we visited Ulm. One of the main reasons that I think our group had gone to Ulm was that it held the tallest church in the world. After seeing it I could not believe that I would be climbing up it in just a few minutes later. In total it is 768 steps. That’s a lot of steps and for someone who is not the biggest fan of heights I can’t say I was particularly looking forward to it. However I was glad it climbed it as I felt a great accomplishment after completing it. During the way up there were two stops where we could take a little breather, one around three hundred steps and another around five hundred and fifty steps. These came in clutch. After completed the first part, my heart was racing. Maybe this is an indicator that I should work out more? However I only really took a minute or two break and continue my way up. After finishing the second portion of the climb I was a little bit more tired but had the determination to finish so I decided not to take a break. With only a few hundred more steps to go I picked up the pace and started climbing the steps two at time. I really wanted to finish so I could see the view. Finally I arrived after climbing for around twelve minutes. The view was amazing. Everything looked tiny since we were so far up. However after admiring the view for around ten minutes I got a little nauseous and decided it was time to go back. For anyone who is reading this and has not experience climbing the tower I am warning you now going down is a lot harder then going up. It took me a lot longer going down due to the fact that I had to go much slower. Going down I held onto the center for dear life. After four hundred or so steps down I got really dizzy. Since it was a spiral staircase I had to pay attention so I wouldn’t fall down. After about a twenty five minute journey downwards I finally made it to the ground. I was one of the first to finish so I sat on one of the benches outside until everyone was done.

During the tour we had a great tour guy named David. We ventured throughout all of Ulm and my favorite part of the tour was when we visited the church. Seeing all the great art was fantastic but the part I really enjoyed was the history behind each piece. Each little object had hundreds if not thousands of years of history. When the tour concluded we went to have lunch at a pancake place.

At lunch I decided to eat a bacon, chicken, and mushroom based pancake. Even though the chicken was a little tough I liked how it was on the pancake as that is unique and something I’ve never seen before. When we finished eating we surprised Eamonn with a handmade strawberry shortcake for his birthday. It was delicious.

After getting back from Ulm I worked with my group to finish up the presentations and solidify my slides. After another four hour session we felt satisfied with our work and then I went to bed to rest up for the big day tomorrow.

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