Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

Yesterday was an interesting day. We started the day off by splitting the group into two and going to different public hospitals for our last site visits. I went to the maternity/pediatric hospital of San Isidro. This final site visit was very engaging and our speaker, Maria Green, was an intriguing person who has done a lot throughout her career. After that, we went back to downtown Austral and the two groups compared our findings. Then, we drove to the Evita museum to get lunch at the Evita restaurant. I had a really good fish dish and some flan that Loren and Brad really enjoyed playing with. Also, Brad gave Loren and I some of the inside knowledge on cool study abroad programs for the future! After lunch, we took a walk through the some botanical gardens. It was a nice breath of fresh air to alleviate stress before our presentations.

After the botanical gardens, we went to take a private tour of the Evita museum. It was a super interesting museum especially because I’ve seen the play before. A lot of Eva Perón’s efforts are connected to women’s rights and helping the poor. This has led to clear changes within the healthcare field. Starting with women’s rights, we saw how Eva widely expanded the role of women in Argentina. What I found most interesting is that in Perón’s presidential picture, Eva actually got the spot that the man traditionally sits in denoting how different this administration would be with regards to women’s rights. The increase in women’s rights throughout the Perón movement probably allowed more women to enter jobs in the healthcare system such as physicians. In addition, Eva Perón worked to bridge the gap between the social classes through her foundation. This also affected the healthcare field as she worked to provide resources for people who couldn’t pay for them.

When we returned home, we had a quick dinner and then went directly into project preparation mode. This morning, we presented and it definitely was a success! After presentations, we went to lunch then had free time for a while. Then, we had our final dinner on program. Tomorrow, we’ll visit to the Recoleta Cemetery and then go to the airport. Overall, I really enjoyed everything throughout this whole experience and I’m sad to leave. But, there’s one more blog to come to talk about that!!

Highlight of the Day: Crushing our presentation with my amazing group!

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