Evita’s Legacy

Yesterday we visited a public hospital, where we got a better understanding of the public system and the Evita museum, where we learned a lot about her legacy. In between these places, we also visited the botanical gardens and got to relax in the warm weather for a little. The public hospital that we visited was for women and children with a focus on maternity care. We learned that this is extremely important for the community, as a lot of women get pregnant at ages as young as 14. The hospital serves as a great resource for the people of the local community and the staff are all very dedicated to improving the lives of women. The manager of the nurses told us that the cases the nurses deal with in the public sector are very different from those in the private, as more of the cases involve issues such as syphilis and drug addiction, and other issues that are less common in the private sector. Here, we can draw a connection to what we learned about Evita who was incredibly passionate and dedicated to female empowerment, something that can be seen in the nurses, doctors and other hospital staff. They truly want to improve the lives of these women and help better their quality of life. Eva Perón also embodied similar characteristics as she was committed to improving the lives of many, but she also has a direct connection to healthcare in that she established the School of Nursing. The School of Nursing was for all women between the ages of 18-34 and even provided scholarships to those who were unable to afford to attend.  The nurses from the school came from all backgrounds and were successfully able to integrate themselves into various aspects of society in not only hospitals, but also in the Armed Forces and other organizations. In addition to this, she focused on female empowerment through advocating for women’s suffrage. Through Eva Peróns work, we can clearly tell that she was dedicated to bettering the lives of women throughout Argentina just as people working and involved in the hospital we visited that morning.

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