Moments in Verona: Day 12

Today was the busiest day we have had on the trip so far with 3 company visits and the bus ride back to Milan filling up all hours of the day, which was a fitting way to end the trip with this being the last of business days. The company visit we had was Gruppo Sinergia, which is a company that provides all the management services, packing preparations, etc. for the companies under its umbrella where they act as a logistics/service provider in the supply chain. For a company that does all customer service, shipping, management of inventory, process optimization, etc. their business runs on their ability to be fast and reliable providers that the companies they work for can trust will get the job done in a neat and orderly way. The companies that hire their services are from all sorts of industries like food, energy, fashion, and all sorts of other niece things. Their company model was compared to Amazon, but I view it as more dedicated, because they have close ties with the companies they work for. This isn’t more evident than in the fact they have never lost a client in their time of operation.

The following visit was to a mens fashion manufacture of suits and other business wear called Sartoria Cavour. The company is still family run and makes clothes of the highest quality where this can be mass orders for companies like Ralph Lauren or “made to fit” where you can get measured for a perfect suit every time. They had unique fabrics made from such things as wool, bamboo, silk, and many more. They factory itself was super small with just a couple sewing tables and a few works that all seemed very close and dedicated to the products they were producing. For the “made to fit” suits they had a room with super high quality suits and base examples where you could be measure to get some of the nicest suits, blazers, tuxedos, etc. anywhere in the world. It was a lovely visit, where they even provided us with fresh local strawberries from the farm right next door.

The final visit was to MF1, a business still owned and ran by Mario Foroni himself who was nice enough to be present for the whole tour and even have conversations with us about fashion and his company, which he was extremely enthusiastic about. MF1 does everything in the manufacturing of clothing and upcoming designs in the fashion world from information technology, online designing, knitting, cleaning, and quality control where they produce the knit wear for companies such as Gucci, McQueen, Chanel, Versace and many more. Mario Foroni himself was nice enough to take me and some others from our group to privately teach us about how the machines they use to stitch the clothing work where each different one is for varying amounts of color and thickness of thread for the products being produced. MF1 also gets specialty requests for clothes for people of the likes of Elton John, Madonna, and other professionals in the industry that act as a great name boost for their product and quality. The last part of the tour lead us upstairs to their newly opened design school where the youth of Italy can come to learn how to make and design clothes and be integrated into the company essentially being bred for the job as they learn. It was an amazing thing to see with everyones creativity and enthusiasm. The head of the school doesn’t buy clothes that she is so dedicated, everything she wears she makes herself, and it was all super impressive. It was an amazing final visit to end the trip on a good note.

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