SGL Was a CarTON of Fun (Day 9)

Today after breakfast, we started the day by taking a bus to the SGL Carbon site at Meitingen which is quite close to Augsburg.

the SGL group after the company visit

Once we got there, we started with a presentation by Dr. Tilo Hauke. In comparison to the other presentations, he gave us a more technical background to begin with and then explained more about the company and what you can do with carbon fiber. I appreciated this technical explanation because people generally talk about carbon fiber as being a better material to use but I was not entirely sure why that was. We then were able to follow up the presentation with a tour of their factory. I really enjoyed this tour as I did not know too much about the process to create carbon fiber and we got to see a step by step process of how the carbon fiber starts out and what it ends up looking like by the end. For lunch, they provided a very nice lunch for us and then we were on our way back to the hotel. 

the lunch SGL provided for us

My group and I headed over directly to the university to work with the German students on our Hirschvogel presentation. We took the tram by ourselves to get there, I didn’t anticipate that we would already be so comfortable traveling and doing things on our own by the second week of staying there. Another thing is that of course, we are a way to loud when there is more than three of us in any public setting. On the tram, or even just walking down the street I always notice that we are so much louder than anyone around us.

After we reached the university and worked with our groups, we made our way back to the university where James, Lucas and I went to Starbucks to work on our blogs. At Starbucks, some of the things that I noticed that were different from an American Starbucks were the foods that were available, they had cinnamon rolls, cookies, and cakes in such in addition to a variety of prepackaged sandwiches that you could request to have heated up. I know the United States has similar things but there was just a larger variety of options. They stepped the game up from the American choices, also in the U.S. they always give you your drink in a to-go cup even if you are staying at the location where as in Augsburg they asked me if I wanted it to-go and if not they gave me my drink in an actual cup and saucer. 

After a more productive visit to Starbucks than I had thought, the girls and I made our way over to Enchilada for a ladies night dinner. I was having Mexican food in Germany, who would have thought? As I mentioned earlier, I was already feeling pretty comfortable navigating in Augsburg but going to Enchilada was another example of this because we didn’t even have to pull up directions anymore, we were able to navigate around town and Maximillianstraße without thinking twice. 

the rice bowl I got from Enchilada

Something I have been noticing over my stay here so far is that there are not nearly as many garbage cans as there are in the United States. I find this a little to be counter intuitive as Germany is a lot cleaner than the United States and they are a lot more successful in their efforts to protect the environment but in my opinion, it is more difficult to help the environment in simple ways such as just recycling since recycling cans and such are not as available. 

It also happened to be Eamonn’s birthday, so we met up with the boys and celebrated with him before we went to bed in anticipation of the long day, we had ahead of us. 

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