The True Fashion Experience

On our last Thursday as a group in Italy we had three sight visits planned. The first was to a small scale, commodity distributor by the name of Grupo Sinergia. They handle all their clients and their clients’ products with great care and dedication. Their diligence has allowed them to not lose a single client in the last 10 years! We were able to see their warehouses and see the entire shipment process in which the ship about 3500 packages across four warehouses every single day. It was really cool to see distributor other than Amazon succeed and be valued so highly by their clientele.

Our second visit was coincidentally right next door to Group Sinergia’s warehouses. We visited a tailoring company by the name of Sartoria Cavour. They create men’s suits and dress shirts, but specialize in perfectly tailored outerwear. This is a group of 30 master tailors who are contracted by huge luxury brands, but also have a made to order service. They work with brands like Ralph Lauren every season and are also responsible for the infamous Burberry trench coat! It was amazing to see the process behind what it takes makes a garment so beautiful.

Our third and final visit of the day was to MF-1 or Mario Faroni’s factory. This was the most amazing place I’ve ever been. MF-1 is responsible for physically producing all the collections for the most famous luxury brands across the world. Gucci, Celine, Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham, and Alexander McQueen are just some of their customers. We got to see the process start to finish; from the online graphic designing to putting the tag on and packaging up the final product for shipment to the store. I was awestruck. Mario Faroni has invested so much into his company and boy does it show. He’s even created a school adjacent to the factory itself dedicated to training the next generation in the trade! The most amazing part of the visit for me was seeing the archive. They have one product saved from every batch of clothing produced–40 years of masterpieces. My jaw was literally on the floor. Words can barely encompass what our time with Mr. Faroni was like. I am so grateful to have had a glimpse into what kind of work and dedication goes into keeping the fashion industry running, and Mr. Faroni plays a HUGE role in this. I am still in utter disbelief!

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