The Best For Last

Today was our last day of company visits and we visited three companies: Grupo Sinergia, Sartoria Cavour, and MF1. At Grupo Sinergia we discussed the services they offer which ranges from managing and organizing other companies to streamlining the shipping process. We toured the warehouse on site. The most impressive thing mentioned at that company was that in their many years of operation they had never lost a customer.

Next we visited Sartoria Cavour which designs jackets for high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton as well as custom jackets for individuals. They also tailor at the site and we received a demonstration on proper fit of a jacket. After the tour they provided snacks for us including freshly picked strawberries which was so kind! They definitely saved the best company visit for last! Mario Foroni’s company, MF1, was amazing…

At this company they produce knitwear for high end fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. The biggest thing I learned over the past two weeks was that designer brands do not produce the garments themselves. Companies like MF1 produce knitwear, and today in the factory they were sewing gucci for the next fall/winter season line. It was crazy to see glimpses of the future clothes of these fashion giants. However, there is a lot of pressure working with brands like these; our tour guide told us a story where she was called up by a brand at 2 a.m. the night before a fashion show and was asked to create another article of clothing by 7 a.m. She said that is part of the job and she had to make the designers wishes come true, so she opened the factory and called in a team of workers to make the garment. We were shown around the factory and recently opened design school. Wow, the design school was so inspiring. I would be lying if I’d say transferring to fashion school didn’t cross my mind, haha. Finally, we visited the archive which was massive! I could’ve walked around the aisles and aisles of clothes all afternoon. They showed us a few specific pieces like the last design by Versace before he was killed and Madonna’s custom pants. I did not want to leave. Also, every single person we met who worked at the company was all so kind! Visiting Mario Foroni was such an interesting and inspiring experience.

So now we are currently headed back to Milan. We stopped for a bit to see a beautiful lake and old castle ruins. Only one more day left in Italy and I am feeling sad about it! Tonight the group will probably all hang out together and enjoy our second to last night together of Plus 3. This is actually my last blog of the trip. Tomorrow is our last day in Italy and I am so sad to leave ): What an amazing experience… I cannot wait to see everyone at home and tell them all about it in person!

Ciao Italia!

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