Final Day in Busan

Friday was our last full day of the Plus3 experience, and we were given a free day for most of the day. Most of us chose to use our free day to go to the beach in Haeundae. I got to the beach area at around 12:30 and walked around with a few people to get lunch since I had not ate yet. We eventually found a Korean place where we all got a beef stew and shared some dumplings. All the food was amazing, and it was one of my better lunches here.

After eating we went to the beach and met up with the rest of our group at the beach. It was a little chilly out, but I still decided to step into the water. It was freezing and I quickly exited and decided to just relax on the sand. I took a little nap on the beach and then hung out there for a couple more hours. It was fun relaxing on the beach and having a restful last day after having done so much the last two weeks.

After the beach we had a final dinner and presentation. We walked over to the restaurant together and it was not that far from the hotel. We started off with the presentations where each of the four groups proposed a company either for Korea or for the United States as well as talked about what they had learned about the culture in Korea. The presentations were all very well done and it was interesting to learn what everyone had gotten out of the trip. After Dr. Yun and a few other people said some words, we were able to have dinner. The place we went to was a buffet full of amazing sea food, as well as other options that were all delicious. I think that we were all in agreement that this was our best meal of the trip so far. It was a great final day in Busan, and I am going to get a good night sleep for the long day of travel tomorrow.

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