Day 10 – Stairway to Heaven is in Ulm

May 14th, 2019

Site visits are over, and we are on to final few days of Plus 3. Today was our visit to the city of Ulm where we were going to climb the highest church tower in the world, with 768 steps to be exact! We didn’t really get to sleep in today and left a little earlier than some of the other cultural days, and had a lot of final group work at the end of the day. My group had finished a majority of the core work yesterday so today would be fine tuning and practice!

After the train ride to Ulm, we headed right through the city center to the church. It was a little bit of a walk, but definitely not too far. The Münster was located in the center of Ulm and was this gigantic structure in the middle of a small city. It was definitely intimidating thinking about climbing all the way up ( especially knowing it was the tallest church tower in the world).

768 steps and 12 minutes later we were at the top. The stairs were just one big spiral with three platforms to take a break on. A group of us started in the front of the group and got to the top pretty quickly! There were few who ran up, and most people just took their time! The view from the top was amazing! The landing was not very large so only a few of us could be up there at a time, so I really only got to admire the view for a few minutes. Then, the walk down. This was worse than the walk up for me. Walking in the spirals while trying to focus on the steps can make you very dizzy. But, besides that we made it up and down all 768 steps!

I had no desire to walk around after the intense workout we just had, but we had a city tour planned for afterwards. Our tour guides name was David! He gave us a little more information about the Münster before beginning the tour. He gave us a LOT of information about the city, the museums, and much more. He kept telling us we were on the “short version” of the tour, so I’m sure if he wanted to, we would’ve had a much longer tour. Here are some of the fun things I learned about the city of Ulm:

  • Ulm means swamp or marshy land
  • This is considered a “big” city because it has 100,000 + inhabitants
  • Ulm is where the Danube river begins being navigatable for larger ships, making commerce and trade a driving force, especially early in its development
  • In one of their museums they have the older hand crafted art piece known to man. It is called “The Lion Man” and it is 45,000 years old

Our tour lasted around an hour and a half, and honestly the number one thing on my mind was lunch. Today we were eating together at Pfannekuchenhaus. This was a little restaurant in the middle of Ulm. Arielle told us it was a crepe restaurant so I was excited! We also all pretty much decided to get savory crepes because at the end of lunch we were going to have birthday cake for Eamonn’s birthday! My crepe had chicken and cheese with a cream sauce, and yet again I was far from disappointed. We all had been so exhausted we were basically falling asleep at the table ( and Alex actually did fall asleep ) ! Needless to say, after eating we were ready to be back on the train and headed home.

After returning to the hotel, presentation work started back up again. Today’s main focus was practicing! The German students in our group all had a lot to do for University so they were unable to meet with us. We decided, it would be best to meet early tomorrow to do a run through all together before the final presentation. Nick, Frank, Brett, and I still chose to practice and time our slides together. We scheduled to do that a little later in the night

Before this, a group of us went to Murdock’s for dinner around 7:15. There I had a chicken sandwich with chunky chips (which were just French fries). It was a nice quick dinner so we could all get back to blog work and presentation prep. Like I said our group had planned to meet after dinner. We were all so exhausted at this point that it took us a couple tries to get the time and what were saying down.

We thought it would be best to get to bed early since we had a long day of practice and presenting tomorrow. I wish presentations were earlier in the day, but getting the time to practice will be useful (hopefully it will calm our nerves a little as well)!

Tomorrow: Spending all day at the University and watching presentations! Wish us luck!

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