Day 11- Presentation Day

May 14th, 2019

Presentation day is finally here!

After all the preparation it was finally time to get the presentations over with! Our group scheduled to meet at 10 am at the university to practice. Me, Nick, Brett, and Frank left for the tram around 9:15. When we got on it was packed! After about a 15 minute ride, we arrived at the University. This was going to be our last day on campus and one of the last days with some of the German students! 🙁

We met the rest of our group in the business faculty building where we have had most of our lectures and meetings with the German students. After everybody arrived we moved to a place where we could rehearse our slides all together. We hadn’t yet rehearsed together, but the four of us Pitt students rehearsed the night before a few times to make sure we would reach the time limit. We ran through it three times before we felt completely comfortable to present in front of everyone.

Before entering the classroom, we went as a group to the Mensa for one last meal there. I had a lasagna with salmon, it was delicious and got me ready for presentations! We all discussed how nervous we were, as a majority of our final grade is dependent on how today goes. For the German students, the largest portion of their grade is a 20 page paper on their assigned companies. I can’t imagine having to writing such a lengthy paper on one company, so I give them a lot of credit! I also knew we weren’t the only group that was nervous, especially because some of the groups didn’t get as much information from their company presentations. Our group had done well on our basic presentation, so I knew that would give us some confidence going into final presentations and it also helped when putting it all together!

After leaving the Mensa, we headed to the business faculty building to meet with the rest of the groups! We will be spending 4 hours in this room listening to five presentations, and while I knew they’d be interesting, it wasn’t going to be the best day of the trip. I think each group did an excellent job with their presentations! Each one was detailed and unique designs. Also, after each presentation a lot of the other students asked really good questions so it also made it much more interesting. Overall, I think my group hit all the points necessary to analyze Continental as a company and I was really happy with how today went! So now we wait for the grades!!!

To finish out the day, we had a scheduled dinner at Ratskeller with all of us, all of the German students, as well as all of the professors/staff (So Sonja, Marius, and Professor Paul as well as Arielle and Dr. Feick) . The restaurant is under the Rathaus in the center if Augsburg. It was another, and our last, traditional Bavarian dinner. Here I tried Schnitzel for the first time on the trip! It was really good but wayyyy to big for me to finish. So , I passed my leftovers to Jeff and he easily finished the rest. Before leaving, as a parting gift we each gave the students in our group a Pitt t-shirt to remember us by. It was sad having to say bye to most of the German students since it would be hard to see them again with our schedules both been so busy! We couldn’t thank them enough for all they did for us and offering to show us around when they didn’t have to! The trip was 100 times better because they were there!

Since today was such a tiring day, all of us headed back to the hotel in preparation of an early departure tomorrow.

I know this blog was super short, but don’t worry, these last two days have packed itineraries and I will have plenty to share!

Tomorrow: Visit to Neuschwanstein castle and some smaller tours, then dinner on our own!

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