Day 11: Verona’s Value

Day 11 was short but fun. In the morning we visited the Verona Consortium, our only shadow of the day. This business shadow was my favorite of the entire program so far, because of how in depth we learned about the Verona Consortium, and the clarity with which we were able to see its main goal. Their goal is to establish Verona as a more visible and prominent location within Italy and the world.

The head entrepreneur that spoke with us about the Verona Vale Consortium stressed he aims to place Verona up among the likes of Florence, Milan, and Rome when it comes to visibility and attraction. I have enjoyed Verona a bunch and wholeheartedly believe that this can be done. To me, Verona seems like the most genuine Italian city we have experienced throughout this trip. Milan seems international and cosmopolitan, and Venice seems like mainly a tourist attraction. Yet from the moment we arrived in Verona, it has fulfilled the picturesque dream of Italy I had in my head with its Roman relics, rolling hills, and traditional streets.

In my opinion, an effective way to use what people outside already know best about Verona (Romeo and Juliet) and increase the city’s visibility would be to make a film set in Verona, and I’m not just saying that because I’m part film major. Film nowadays is one of the most prominent forms of mass communication and I think it would be a perfect way to draw on Verona’s cultural significance and portray the beauty of Verona to the world. The film could encapsulate a sort of modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, definitely adding some new aspects to the rather stale and played out narrative, and use this recognition to then display to viewers what else Verona has to offer in way of fashion and goods. More so, I think that Verona Consortium is in a great position to do this with all the resources it has access to through its collection of companies. We have already learned this trip of the immense impact film had on establishing the prominence of Armani, and eventually Milan, in the eyes of the globe. Lastly, I’m sure that there are many talented filmmakers in Italy and abroad, who would succeed at creating such opportunity.


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