Day 10: 768 Steps

Today we went to Ulm, which notably has the highest church tower in the world. Even though I don’t like heights, I had to climb the 768 steps to get the awesome view of the city.  The climb itself was a really cool experience. The entirety of the climb was done by very narrow spiral staircases with no railings. It was pretty nerve wracking as we got higher and higher, particularly at the end when I was standing in a really thin column of stone with not much else around. 

The Final Staircase to the Top

Once at the top, the whole thing was worth it with an awesome view. It was pretty windy and cold though, so I didn’t stay for too long. The descent back down was even more intense as I could see how high up I was through many windows in the column. As I was going down, a group was also climbing the stairs meaning we had to squeeze past each other. It was pretty difficult but looking back on it I had a good time and it was a fun experience. 

View from the Top of The Munster at Ulm

After climbing the church, we went on a city tour of Ulm. It was pretty difficult from the other German cities I’ve seen, as there were a lot of more modern looking buildings. There were still pretty old ones, like the slanted hotel we saw below. I also liked seeing Albert Einstein’s birthplace, and I didn’t know prior to the tour that he was born here which came as a cool surprise. 

Most Crooked Hotel in the World

After the tour, we ate at a crepe place. I honestly wasn’t a big fan of the meal for the first time on the trip. After eating we also sang happy birthday to our friend Aemon. Later that evening I returned to Augsburg and met with my group to work on our presentation again.

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