Day 11: Presentations and Farewell

Today was presentation day. I was honestly glad to be done with the project so I could enjoy the rest of the week without worrying about working on it. I was really impressed with how our final presentation turned out, and everyone was very impressed with our appendix section. All the groups did really well in my opinion. 

After presentations, we had our farewell dinner with the German students. It was fun to hang out with them but it was sad to say goodbye to the friends I made. I had really good cheese spatzle, which was basically macaroni and cheese but somehow even better.  The food in general in Germany felt so much more natural and tasted a lot better than the food in America. I really liked seeing all of the small business food stores rather than a massive Walmart or Giant Eagle like here in Pittsburgh.

Cheest Spatzle

After talking to the German students, I also realized how much I wanted to study abroad again in the future. I learned so much about how America compares to Germany and it has given me a much different perspective on life in America. There are so many things that should be fixed, like how our tax isn’t included in prices. I don’t understand why it would be so hard to do that, and it makes buying things so much harder because you aren’t sure how much something will actually cost.

In addition, our tuition for college is so much more expensive than in Germany. I can’t believe the students at Augsburg University only spend 120 euros a semester, which includes public transportation. It allows them to try out classes they otherwise wouldn’t because it is so cheap comparatively to do so.

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