Day 12: The Moon King’s Castle

Today we visited Neuschwanstein Castle in Southern Bavaria by the Alps. On the way there that morning, we stopped at a local farm to try wiesswurst, a traditional German sausage. It was delicious. Editha and I ate 4 and a quarter sausages, more than anyone else there. On top of that, I also had apfelschorle (sparkling apple juice) and a German pretzel. Needless to say I was pretty full from that great meal.


After that, we took a bus ride to a famous church known as the Pilgrimage Church of Wies.
Supposedly, a statue of Jesus was seen crying here so it became a pilgrimage sight where the church was later built. The church was so impressive and colorful, probably featuring the most artistic displays of all the churches we’ve seen so far on this trip. I had a fun time trying to translate the Latin of the church; I forgot a lot of it since my time in High School.

After the church, we drove to Neuschwanstein. When we got there, a group of us took a hike around a lake near the castle. We had fun skipping stones on the lake, and I was able to skip a lot of the huge stones which was pretty fun.

We then walked up to the castle itself, which took a while to hike up the massive hill it was on. The hike was totally worth it. The castle itself was really impressive, but I was more interested in the history behind it. King Ludwig II built the castle in the 1800s spending a lot of his family’s fortune. He “drowned” mysteriously when his uncle, the acting regent had the king arrested because he claimed he was insane. What I think actually happened was that the regent had the king killed as afterwards he placed his son on the throne.

The tour of the castle was really cool, but pretty short. Only 30% of the rooms were finished, but the rooms that we did see were fantastic. It was insane to think that the so called mad king spent so much money and time on the castle, even making a cave room for himself. It was really interesting to see.

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