Cheers to Dublin

  • I’ve had the opportunity to travel quite extensively, but I think our Plus3 program will be one of the most memorable. This has been my first time traveling in a similar way to business. I’ve never held a job or internship in a different city from where I live, nor have I gone to the out of city networking events that PittBusiness offers. I am working towards an international business certificate and this solidified that I really enjoy engaging with people from other cultures.
  • Traveling with 15 strangers has been quite the experience, and having various hiccups was a challenge that taught us all a lot in my opinion. I learned a lot about the differences between people and how to work with them. From our first huge change of plans at the Charlotte Airport, all of our adaptability was challenged and I think we made the most of our time there. It was frustrating that we weren’t able to spend the time we had expected in Dublin, but I think our site visit to Bank of America and seeing the opportunities of Charlotte, a financial hub in America, was very eye opening for all of us. Being in a group of 15 is a logistical nightmare and it was really hard to move as a group and was something I was not used to; that was a lesson in patience!
  • I can absolutely see Dublin in my future! I am excited to see how the city will continue to change and how Cork and Galway will develop. I had never considered working in Ireland, but there is incredible opportunities for recent grads and internships, and beyond that there is even more for people who are bilingual. I am bilingual and after our trip I’m inspired to pick up a 3rd language. Whether I end up having a career in Dublin or a different European city, Plus3 has had a huge impact on me!
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