I’ll miss you Dublin

Our time in Dublin has officially ended. The past 2 weeks absolutely flew by and I wish we had more time! Even though the trip is still fresh in my mind, I already know what I will takeaway from this trip and remember 5 years down the road.

First, the site visits and day trips. I will remember the visits because each one was unique and I took away something different from each. These site visits were the type of experiential learning that is not available in a classroom. These experiences will stay with me for years to come and I will make plenty of references about the companies I visited this trip in the future. I will also remember the day trips we took to places like the Cliffs, Galway, Howth and Kilkenny. I really loved Howth because even though it was only 45 minutes away, it seemed like we went to another country. Just like the site visits, each place we traveled to was unique. We did something different in each place and they left lasting memories.

Lastly, I’ll remember the people. I didn’t know what to expect going into this program. I didn’t know any of the other kids and we didn’t have much time to meet or bond before the day before our flight. Ironically, running from gate to gate in the airport and spending the first couple of days in Charlotte was beneficial in this aspect. This helped us get to know each other and bond before actually going to Dublin. What seemed to be a major letdown and inconvenience at first led to a smooth bonding experience. I made some great friends this trip and I look forward to keeping in touch with them during the summer and once we get back to school in the fall. I did not expect to connect with such a large group so quickly, but I am so glad I did.

I would absolutely love to return to Dublin. For my next trip, I would want to go to some of the towns around Ireland and see more of the nature. I really enjoyed this aspect of our trip and realized there are so many towns we didn’t get to see. I would also love to return to Dublin. I found the city very welcoming and had plenty of things to do. I would love to have the opportunity to return, hopefully as soon as possible!

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