Day 11: Presentation Day

Today was the day everyone had been thinking about since the beginning of the trip. Presentation Day. I could not believe it came up so quickly on me. For breakfast, I only had some hard-boiled eggs and pickles to make sure I was not too full while presenting my project. At about 10:00 am, I was already at the University of Augsburg in my suit more than ready to give my presentation.

A Look at My Nutritious Breakfast on Presentation Day

While practicing today, our group was finally becoming a cohesive unit. We were getting all of the transitions and bullet points down to a T. After an hour of practicing, our group was finally ready to go. However, we had to eat lunch first. I decided to get some stir fry noodles from the Mensa and it probably was not the best decision I have ever made. Although the noodles tasted fantastic, I made the horrible mistake of getting some soy sauce on my dress shirt. I was terrified about it for a good three minutes. But luckily, it was able to be hidden by my sports jacket.

It was finally time to present and I started to become very nervous. We were going to be the third group to present and even being in that spot felt like an eternity away from the pressure being lifted off of my shoulders. During the first two presentations. I began remembering line by line of what I was going to say over and over again. Then, it was the SGL group’s time to shine.

The Ratskeller was One of the Coolest Looking Restaurants I have Ever Been In

Our presentation started off with Ravi’s amazing introduction about carbon. Then, it transitioned into Anna and Esme’s detailed coverage of SGL. Later, Keisha and Maxi did a wonderful PEST analysis. Then, I presented a source of disruption for SGL. I definitely was shaky at the start of presenting this slide, however, I was able to slow everything down and calm my nerves. After that, Ravi and Maya did an awesome job talking about the innovation of SGL. Finally, I had to present a conclusion. I knew I killed this part because I had my audience interested and my words while presenting were not as choppy as the first time. To my absolute shock, Dr. Feick had zero questions for our group during the Q&A session.

My Favorite!

After our presentation, I felt as if 1,000 pounds were lifted off of my entire body. The hardest part of the Plus3 program was finally done with. After two other very intriguing presentations, I went back to the hotel and took a huge nap with joy until our dinner at the Ratskeller at Augsburg. This dinner was our farewell dinner with the University of Augsburg students. At dinner, I again had the schnitzel. But this schnitzel was not as good as the schnitzel I had in Regensburg. During dinner, I gave Maxi my gift of a Pitt ID holder that goes on your phone case. He was very happy and thankful to receive my gift. After saying our goodbyes to the German students, it was time to go back to the hotel and make up for all of the sleep I lost from the night before.

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