Day 12: New Swan Stone

We started off our day today by driving about a half hour away to enjoy a typical Bavarian breakfast. Thank god I did not eat breakfast because I totally forgot about where we were going today and I wanted to make plenty of room for the sausage and pretzels about to come my way. The place where we were having our Bavarian breakfast was a place that only operated every Thursday of the week which I found very interesting because the food was awesome. I had about four white sausages, two pretzels and oh my god was that mustard amazing on both of those foods. Also, the fizzy apple juice, or known as apfelschorle, also tasted great so thank you for the recommendation Arielle! I loved how traditional this place where we were eating was as well. The sausages came out in just a bucket of water and the pretzels came in a basket. In addition, some of the mustard jars varied because they were probably just bought from an old antique shop. Coming from somebody that loves your traditional restaurants that never change, I would love to find a place like this in the United States.

I’ve Got to Find These Sausages at Home. And the Mustard!

After our incredible breakfast, we took an hour and a half long bus ride to a very famous church. This church was called the Church of Wies. This church, even though I was just about fed up with seeing so many churches while on this trip, was in my opinion by far the nicest church I saw while on this trip. The statues and paintings were just like nothing I had seen before. My only complaint about the church, besides seeing way too many of them, was that it was freezing cold in the church and I could not stay inside the church for too long.

Following our church tour, we went back on the bus to finally see the world renown, Neuschwanstein Castle. On the way to the famous castle, Dr. Feick told us the details about the background of Neuschwanstein and how it came about. Dr. Feick was also able to tell the interesting mystery about Ludwig II, and how his death is still unsolved to this day.

Here’s Brett Getting Some Beauty Sleep(ft. Ravi)

Finally, we made it to the castle after all of the hype surrounding it. After spending a free hour by the lake while having some lunch in the town that Neuschwanstein was located in, we had to take a seriously troublesome hike all the way up to the castle. However, it was totally worth seeing the castle so up close. Just paying attention to every little the details of the castle deepened my interest. When it came to the tour, however, I was shocked to only be inside of the castle for 30 minutes. Not to mention, in those 30 minutes, I got yelled at by the tour staff for touching a doorknob as if they were not prepared for something like that when millions of people tour this place a year. The only information I found to be valuable from this tour was that Neuschwanstein translates in English to New, Swan, Stone. The castle was named Neuschwanstein because King Ludwig II was obsessed with Swans. The tour of Neuschwanstein may have stunk, however, there were enough views from the castle to make up for all of it. The views from the front of the castle and the views from the bridge continued to amaze our entire group.

Look at This Awesome View From the Bridge

After seeing the spectacular views of Neuschwanstein, we were given a free 45 minutes in the town of Fussen. While in Fussen, there was not that much to accomplish. So, I just decided that I was going to eat. I went to this place called Pizza Pasta Americano. This Pizza was subpar at best and I think I literally could have microwaved a better one. Having this pizza makes me realize how much I really need a New York slice.

Following our short time spent in Fussen, I took a nap on the long drive back home and got off of the bus ready for bed because tomorrow I was going back to Munich.  

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