Day 9: Carbon Filled Birthday!

On my birthday of all days, I finally got to visit the company that I have to present on. That company was SGL. SGL is a carbon fiber producer who also makes plenty of other products with graphites. SGL is also the number 1 carbon fiber supplier of the automobile industry. From their display I was able to take a view of before the tour, I learned that SGL supplies to some huge car companies such as Telsa and BMW. In addition, I also found out that SGL supplies to motorcycle manufacturers as well.

When the SGL representatives gave their presentations, I found out that they both went to Katz Business School at Pitt! This presentation(without the bias of SGL being my company) was by far the best presentation out of all of the companies with visited. The presenters had the perfect balance when it came to talking about SGL from the business and engineering standpoints. In addition, carbon fiber is just so fascinating. It is the product of our future when it comes to mobility in the automobile industry. The only problem that is facing SGL is getting the costs of carbon fiber down because it is such an expensive product to make.

When it came to the factory tour of my company, however, I did not know much of what the tour guides were talking about because they were definitely more engineering friendly. Although I was not able to comprehend much from the tour, I still thought SGL’s production of carbon fiber was deeply interesting. After the tour, we had lunch. The lunch I had from SGL was delicious. It was pork sausage inside of some cabbage with a side of steamed vegetables. Although it was not like any birthday meal I was previously accustomed to, I enjoyed this meal very much.

Following our awesome tour of SGL, I had to deal with the burden of being the birthday boy as everyone on the bus ride back sang happy birthday to me. I thought it was over after the song, but, I was given a wonderful birthday card signed by everyone on the Plus3 Germany program. So a huge thank you for everyone for that! I never thought spending my birthday in another country would be so awesome.

Thanks Again Everybody!

After the bus ride back to our hotel, there was no time to relax. I headed straight to the University of Augsburg(after a short nap) to begin working on my presentation on Wednesday because our group wants everything to go swimmingly. We had all the information we needed so we decided it would be best to start doing the bulk of the work while it is still fresh in our minds. Our presentation group did indeed make a lot of progress as we worked for nearly two hours. I was given the conclusion of the presentation so I know that there will be a lot of pressure on me when presenting. I feel really confident that we are going to blow the socks off of Dr. Feick, Arielle and Sonja come Wednesday.

When the two long hours of work was up, I went out to dinner with the guys of the Plus3 program to have a nice birthday dinner at Sausilitos. Sausilitos is a Mexican restaurant in Augsburg and I decided I wanted to eat there because I love Mexican food. Unfortunately, the wait at Sausilitos was way too long so I had to settle for some doner kebabs instead, but it definitely did the job.

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