Our Final Days

Our last 2 days were by far the longest. We took a two-hour bus ride to visit a port. It was made a little easier by the pitt alum who came along to talk with us about working in China. So far everything we have heard from Americans is learn Chinese and she made sure to repeat this. Overall working in China, from what she told us, is cheaper but harder than the US. Not only is it a new language but you need to make new friends and the work environment is quite different. The boss is focused on getting a cohesive team and the workplace is often like a family. In this way the boss is more like a father than in the US.

The port itself, I thought, was quite interesting but some of the business kids seemed to disagree. It was an absolutely massive shipping container port built out a flat area of coast. The view was astonishing: going from gorgeous coastline to concrete instantaneously. The port seemed to go one forever, I counted over sixty ship unloading setups before they got to close together from my view to count.

Over looking the port

From here we visited the Lingang group, which we all wrongly assumed worked the port. No the group simply unloaded a small portion of the port and controlled goods through there. The talk itself was hard to understand and not at all engaging. It’s hard for me as a student to care when the people can’t even give you an idea of what their plan is involving automation.

As we got back to the hotel we were slated to have the most free time we’d had both weeks. Of course, we had to work on our presentation which took up all of our extra free time.

With what was left Cat, Dave, Audrey, Diana, and I went and got noodles at a nearby mall. The malls are fancy here and the restaurant was too for what it was. They had ice water which is nearly unheard of, as any water from the tap must be boiled before it can be used. The noodles I got were the best I had all trip. Afterwards we went to try Chinese Dairy Queen. Unsurprisingly they had different flavors from America, I got tiramisu which was pretty good.

Cat was determined to go to the largest Starbucks in the world, which so happened to be in Shanghai. Dave, Cat, and I separated and took the metro which was just as easy as Beijing. It took us a bit to find but this place was huge. The starbucks itself was a massive building that was two floors with soaring ceilings. We looked around the first floor and found ourselves sitting at the coffee bar upstairs, where Cat and Dave ordered. What we did not realize initially was that we were at a coffee bar, we only figured that out after trying the drinks.

From the largest starbucks

The next morning was properly our last day here and we finished off our stay with The Yu Garden. The garden was a gorgeous sprawling garden that was actually quite small. The Chinese style of making these large gardens was to control how you could walk through them so that they could dose your views.

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