PresentaDONE (Day 11)

Justin, James, Lucas and I ate breakfast early and were out the door of the hotel by 9. Today was the big day, after all of our company visits it was finally time to present what we had learned about our given companies, and the automobile industry. Once we got to the university, we met up with Sophie, Luisa, and Maren. We started by running through the presentation and making minor corrections until we each felt ready and confident with our parts. As we worked with the students, I did not feel like we had any major differences in work ethic. We all cared equally about the presentation we would be submitting, and that we were putting our best foot forward. 

My group and I at Hirschvogel

After practicing through a couple times, we made our way to the copy shop to make copies of our presentations for Dr. Feick, Arielle, and Sonja. The idea of printing and copying worked totally different at their university than it did at Pitt. At Pitt, we are allocated money for printing and such and there is a printer in almost every building. For the German students, they have two copy shops that they normally go to and they have to pay money out of their pocket to print or copy. Once we made the copies, we headed over to the Mensa for a quick lunch before the presentations. At lunch, I had pasta and this potato salad, they both were good, but we ate so fast that we did not have too much time to relax and enjoy the meal. We talked about how we chose to come to Pitt with the German students and about the college application and committing process worked. Once we got to the presentation room, we all settled down because we were going to be there for at least another three hours. My group was assigned to go last, so we got really comfortable. Everyone did a really great job, and you could tell that everyone put in the time and effort to make their presentations so good. Once we all finished up, you could tell from the energy of the room that we were all really excited to be done and could finally stop stressing.

Once we got back, Michelle and I made a stop at the grocery store down the road for our hotel to pick up some chocolate for our family and friends at home. We ended up running into Justin on the way, and he helped us pick out the good brands of chocolate. While at the grocery store, I wanted to look around for a bit so I could see if there was anything, I wasn’t used to at a German grocery store. Almost everything was the same, this was a smaller grocery store so there was not as much in there, but they had a very similar layout and such. While looking around I found Maggi, which is a brand of noodles almost like Ramen. I was really surprised to see that in the grocery store, because the only other time I have been able to find them in the grocery store is when I am in India. I thought they were only produced in India, but it turns out they are also produced in Europe which is pretty fascinating.

the Maggi I found at the grocery store

We then dropped off our chocolate before heading over with the group to our farewell dinner with the German students. 

It was hard to believe that we already having our farewell dinner, it felt like just yesterday we were sitting down with the students for our welcome dinner, where we were all jetlagged, exhausted and didn’t know any of them. I now felt so comfortable and I could’ve sat down with any of them and talked for a couple of hours. We had dinner with them at the Ratskellar which was in the basement of the town hall which we had visited during the first two days of our stay in Augsburg.

the entrance to the restaurant, Ratskellar, where we had the farewell dinner

I sat with James, Justin, Maren, Luisa, Sophie, and Maxi. For dinner, I ordered Kasëspätzle, the spätzle with cheese and fried onions, which I had also had at the Hofbräuhaus. I thought it was better at the Ratskellar, but it reminds me of macaroni and cheese in a way. I mean of course it isn’t, but it is a cheesy pasta so I hope you can see where I got that idea from. It was really enjoyable meal, and I realized that I was really going to miss the German students and when we began the program, I didn’t realize that we were going to become close enough to want to hang out outside the program. After dinner, we decided to hang out with the German students for a little bit longer before preparing for our long day ahead at Neuschwanstein. 

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