Best Mems

At this point, the Ireland Plus3 trip has concluded and I have spent a full day back at home in the Unites States. There are so many things that I am able to reflect on from the trip to Ireland, but I would say the largest thing is that the rest of the world is extremely accessible. I have never been out of the country before and it always felt like everything out of the US was so far away. Little did I know that I could get to another continent in just under 7 hours (7 hours and 3 days if you count a flight cancellation.) The biggest thing I will take away from the Plus3 trip is that the world is not as big as I thought and traveling is simpler than I have ever imagined.

I do not know if I will ever return to Ireland again, but I hope I do so I am able to see the industrial and technological developments since my time in Ireland. Dublin is constantly rapidly growing and expanding in such short time spans. I can not begin to imagine what it will look like in the coming years considering how much it has developed in previous years. I hope to return to Ireland one day just to witness how far it has come.

Finally, Plus3 Ireland was an incredible experience full of new friendships, experiences, and learning. Things did not always go as planned but everything happens for a reason and being able to visit Charlotte turned out to be one of the best parts of the trip as I now hope to move there one day. Thanks for the mems, Ireland!

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