Day 11: Port Visit

Today was our second to last day in China. We had to get up pretty early today as we had to leave at 7:30 so that we could make it to our company visit that was a 2 hour drive away. On ride there, a Pitt Alum currently living in China spoke to us about her experiences, as she was coming to the company visit with us. It was interesting to hear from her because she actually studied abroad in China through Pitt and did a language intensive program and now she works in Shanghai. It was cool to hear about that because she was in our shoes, so it shows how many possibilities there are for us. Before arriving at the company we stopped at a lookout which had a really nice view of the Yang Shan Port and the surrounding hills. It was nice to stretch our legs after a long ride in the bus. Shortly after, we arrived at the Lingang Group and we listened to a presentation about their company. Basically, they run the port and they are funded by the Chinese government, so they have to follow all their rules and regulations. After the presentation they took us down to part of their port and we got to look around near one of the ships. We couldn’t stay long though because the lady leading us soon got a call saying we had to leave because none of us were wearing helmets, so it was a safety violation, although I didn’t see anyone operating any machinery.

After that we had lunch at the company’s cafeteria. I wish they had told us what we were eating because I unknowingly ate a piece of turtle meat and I’m deeply scarred from that. There was also a mysterious seafood dish that I only ate one piece of because it was quite chewy and not very appetizing. The prawns we had were pretty good although they were whole, so taking them out of the shell to eat presented a bit of a challenge. Overall, definitely not at the top of my list of favorite meals from the trip. The only reliable thing they served us was white rice. It always surprises me when people serve us crazy things, like did the company really think that foreigners from America were going to enjoy eating turtle? After lunch we loaded back on the bus and headed back to the hotel. On the way back, I had to work on my business project on the bus because it was due at 10pm. After working on it for a bit, I was so exhausted from going nonstop for two weeks that I slept for the rest of the bus ride. When I got back to the hotel, I met with my group to finish up the project. After that I took another short nap before heading out for dinner. We had dinner on our own again so a group of us started walking around near the hotel to see what kind of restaurants were around there. We ended up stopping at a restaurant/bar that served American food. I got pizza and some other people got the Chinese equivalent of chicken tenders and fries. We then went on a search to find a Dairy Queen so we could get ice cream. On the way we ran into a McDonalds, so some of us got ice cream from there instead. We made our way back to the hotel after that and we hadn’t realized, but we ended up walking quite a long way, so we definitely got our steps in for the day.

Since it was our second to last day in China, when we got back to the hotel, we started to gather our things so we would be ready to leave tomorrow.

Yang Shan Port
Group Picture at Port
Ship at Lingang Group’s Port

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