Last Day in China!

This was our last day in China! We started off with a tour of the Yu Gardens. It was really pretty there as it was filled with greenery, ponds, bridges, and a different sculptures, such as dragons. It was nice to walk through and our guide told us about all the different features of the gardens, for example. There was also a huge koi pond in the middle of it with probably the biggest koi I have ever seen. You could definitely say they’re well fed. After the gardens, we walked through the surrounding streets on our way to another market. On the way we saw a broken pipe gushing water right next to a bunch of electrical wires, so that gave me confidence in China’s electrical wiring. We then made it to the market, which was pretty similar to the ones we had been to before with a bunch of souvenirs. I had already bought most of my souvenirs so I just tagged along with the other girls. One girl was looking for a carry on to take take on the plane so her suitcase wouldn’t be overweight. There was a woman on the street with a bunch of pictures of bags so we decided to follow her to her store. It ended up being a much longer walk than we thought and she took us to a giant warehouse with a ton of souvenirs. She took us all the way down into a room that was wall to wall designer knock offs. Everything from Prada to Gucci to Louis Vuitton. There were so many bags it would be impossible to chose. Jordan asked her about the price of one of the bags and it was about 1,400 yuan which is about $200 so we decided to leave because we couldn’t get her down low enough. It was probably a good idea to leave anyway because the warehouse was kind of sketchy and we didn’t want to get abducted on our last day in China. We decided that, after that, we need a break so we went to Starbucks to get coffee and sandwiches for lunch.

After that we got back with our group and headed back to the hotel. When we got back, I had to repack all my things and I had to try to figure out how to strategically pack so that my bag wasn’t overweight. Luckily, I had bought a backpack so I put all my souvenirs and other heavy stuff in there. After that I took another nap because I was totally exhausted from such a packed trip. Then I quickly met with my group to practice our presentation before heading to another hotels conference room to present to the group.

I think the presentations all went pretty well and it was interesting to hear everyone’s ideas because some of them were really cool, such as a solar powered charging phone case. After that we headed to our farewell dinner. They explained the food was like a Chinese barbecue, so it was really good. I enjoyed it much more than the turtle. They had really good noodles, chicken, and, of course, fried rice. At the end of the dinner, they tested our chopstick skills and we had to pick up raisins with our chopsticks (the restaurant didn’t have any peanuts). Then they gave each of us a scroll with a different Chinese painting. After that, they showed us a video they made from all of our pictures from the trip with the song baby shark playing the background to commemorate our performance at the Children’s Village. After dinner we made our way back to the hotel and packed everything up and headed to the airport, ending an incredible trip. I was really sad to leave the place and the people, but I was definitely ready to come home and sleep.

Yu Garden Koi Pond
Farewell Dinner
Yu Garden Rocks

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