Day 13: Back in Munich

Today was our one free day and we could do almost anything. The majority of our group went to Salzburg, but I and a few others decided to revisit Munich. I knew it was going to be a great day because the weather was beautiful.  I could even wear shorts. I know that may not seem exciting to most, but for all of the trip up to this point I had to wear either khaki or dress pants. I did not even need a jacket. First, we had to decide how we were traveling to Munich. We looked up the train schedules and then started our adventure.

More bikes in the middle of the Munich

Our first stop was to a surf shop. Nick was interested in buying a shirt that was only sold at this particular store. It was neat to see all the clothes that were considered “hip” in Germany. Similar to Abercrombie, but slightly more modern. After shopping my group took lunch at a beer garden  that we had seen on our group tour last time. The beer garden was packed. As I said it was a beautiful warm and sunny day, so many people were enjoying the nice weather. I ordered a bratwurst since I had not had a chance to taste one yet. The brat was delicious! I even considered ordering a second, but due to my funds running low I settled on one. My small group spent a lot of time at the garden learning about each other and discussing the trip. After a little bit one of us came up with the great idea of getting strawberries from one of the local stands. After purchasing a box we all shared them and not even kidding these were the juiciest berries I’ve ever tasted. If you are ever there this is a must buy. Every one seemed to be enjoying themselves. As we were exploring more of the city we ran into a Pitt alumni who had just arrived. He was just as excited as we were. After that incredible coincidence we went shopping. My mother and sister would have been proud of me as I looked for the perfect souvenirs to bring home. Afterwards we navigated our way back to the train station and then our hotel. This was the first time I had ever planned and executed a trip. It felt great.

For our final night Eamonn and I went to Vapianos for one last meal. This was a sad moment  because it hit me that our trip was ending. I could not sleep that night. My mind kept reliving  the great moments, and the friends and lifelong experiences of the past two weeks.While I think my trip had been particularly special, I would definitely recommend Plus 3 Germany.

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