The Foreigners Behind Big Korean Industries

This morning we headed out to a company in Busan called Trainor. This company is actually not a Korean company but a Norwegian company that had expanded their company and now have a Korean location. This company specializes in the teaching other professionals to maintain various certifications. The company teaches via classrooms, online videos, and they are potentially expanding to VR videos as well. The man who presented the company to us was actually a Swedish man who has lived in Korea for over 8 years. This man informed us that some aspects of Korean culture was a slightly difficult thing to adjust to for the European or Western work culture. For instance, the strict hierarchy could cause conflict when a younger professional would be more qualified than a higher superior. In Western culture, the younger professional would simply guide or teach the superior, but the hierarchy or pride of superior would cause for that situation to not go smoothly.

After we left that visit, we were able to momentarily go into a famous department store because we had time between company visits. Physically, the mall was quite compact; however, each floor contained several stores. It was a quite interesting layout and seemed to have a hybrid of high end American and European brands and Korean department stores. It was a nice yet brief experience. The next company we visited was the Busan New Container Terminal. At this visit we learned about the efficiency of a terminal on one of the top 10 global posts. The CEO of BNCT told us that what differs them is that they use a terminal layout where the containers are perpendicular to the coast to make the placing process of the TU onto the truck more automated. BNCT handles about 22.5 million TUs a year. The terminal isn’t a fully automated terminal, by choice, to make things more flexible. One thing that was nice today was being able to actually see the port.

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