Visiting the Consulate and Pusan!


Waking up this morning was a bit bittersweet because it was our last official day of the program. We were set to The US Consulate in Busan and see our last university visit, Pusan National university. A packed day to say the least.

One of the first things I realized at the consulate was the lack of Americans present in the department. For a national department designed by the US, it was astonishing to me that there was only one male in the department that was a US native and ambassador. At the Consulate, we were given a deeper understanding of the status of the Busan city and its pertinence to the Korean government and citizens. The US ambassador informed us how Busan, although seen in Seoul’s shadow, was completely different from their bigger sister city. Busan is geographically important because it was essentially the major city that did not fall during the Korean war. It is politically important because the city has been considered as a ground zero for the tensions between Korea and Japan. And finally, Busan carries economically importance due their global ports and seafood attractions. With all of this in mind, Busan holds a great deal of importance in the eyes of South Koreans. Additionally, it is making more attempts to become a head front for Korean cities with actions such as working with the both Busan’s, USA’s, and Japan’s government; building an international airport, and more!

After seeing the US Consulate and holding a better idea about the importance of Busan and the US’s assistance in this country, we visited the Pusan National University. In terms of the tour of the facilities, it was the best. At the University of Pittsburgh, there have essentially the maker’s space. But here, one can be overwhelmed with creativity opportunity and coding. I know I can’t speak for everyone, but that was my favorite tour. I was the only visit that was related to my major in mechanical engineering.

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