Day 14: Bound for USA

Today was a sad day, as we were finally leaving Augsburg and heading back home to the states. We woke up super early so we could get to the airport on time. As always, I personally woke up again to “Never Gonna You Up” by Rick Astley. I went downstairs to dig into a big breakfast before a long flight. When I got downstairs, the bus was already there. To check out, all we had to do was hand in our room cards, and that is exactly what i did. I gave the hotel my card and was the first one on that bus. We then went to the airport and got our bags checked in.

Now it was time for customs, and it was especially troublesome for me. I hopped in the normal customs line while everyone else tried the new Automatic Passport Control kiosk which took two minutes. I however was stuck in the normal customs line for what felt like an eternity. After finally getting through it, I had some free time to kill so we grabbed a bite to eat. Lucas and I got a Personal Pizza to use some of the remaining euro coins that we had. We did this because the US does not exchange Euro coins into US currency.

We got to our gate and didn’t wait long until boarding began. At last, everyone was on the plane, and we were ready to embark on the nine hour trip home. This international flight was longer than on the way to Germany and was certainly not my favorite. Unfortunately, because I was sleeping, I missed both big food opportunities, and I was starving when we got off the plane. The upside is I had some really good sleep. Along with the shut-eye, the views were amazing as well.

Here are some photos of the view in and out of the plane.

After landing in the Windy City, we had to go through American customs which proved to be both long and boring. We finally got through, and we rechecked our bags.

To get to our terminal, we rode a bus in the pouring rain only to find out that our flight was delayed for 1 hour and 45 minutes. We learned this while eating at Chile’s. I personally was just happy to be eating American food once again.

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After lunch the group went to the gate, and a majority of us fell asleep while waiting for the plane to show up. The delay was due to thunderstorms in the area which we missed coming into Chicago, partially because our flight from Munich was early. However, we were caught in the middle of the bad weather while waiting for our next flight. We finally got on the plane and landed in Philadelphia. Upon arrival, I was beat and just wanted to go to sleep. I saw my mom and felt a big relief thinking that “Man, I’m home”. My mom and I headed home and I fell asleep in the car feeling very jet-lagged. Once home, my bed was awaiting me and I immediately crashed.

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