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It’s crazy to think that a little over two weeks ago, we were gathering in Panther Hall getting ready to go to a different continent. Plus 3 Germany was an amazing journey where I developed so many new and great friendships that will last for a long time. I also learned so much about business that my head hurts. I didn’t know what to expect out of this trip except to gain some basic knowledge about cars and visit some cool sites. 

This trip blew me out of the water. The amount of knowledge I gained about business, assembly lines, factories, culture, friendships is unimaginable. Before this trip, I never left North America and only traveled to two countries. Now after this trip, I have been in two continents and four countries. 

Although Germany was amazing to live in for two weeks, there were some things I had to get used to. Paying for water was a hassle especially if you’re someone who is used to free refills. The rooms were very small. With Ravi’s luggage along with mine inside the same room we had no space for ourselves. Having no way of watching sports unless you want to stay up until 2 am for the start of a basketball game was miserable. I got used to it, but I was disappointed about not being able to cheer on my teams through the good and the bad. I was able to get used to the food quite quickly and learned how good everything truly is. I learned that the food in Germany isn’t as filling as it is in America. I was used to getting up early for school, but getting up at 6:30 am  for company visits with jet lag at the beginning was rough. 

The views were breathtaking, let alone amazing. We climbed over mountains and church towers, visited the beautiful Salzburg, the birth place of the Sound of Music. We toured charismatic villages, cities, and towns learning new things along the way. We were always blessed to find someone who spoke English, not because there were so few, but because how many spoke some form of English. 

The food in Germany was amazing. From traditional German food to that of Italian, Turkish, and other ethnic cuisine, the variety and taste of the food is something I’ll remember.  It also seemed that the Italian food tasted better in Germany than back home.  Maybe that’s because Italy is so close to Germany, and native Italians brought their ethnic food to other parts of Europe.  Similarly, a Philly Cheese steak sandwich wouldn’t taste the same in Germany as it does in the US.

Traveling with both engineering and business students was intriguing as well. I’ve never worked with business students in this capacity before, and I loved it. The way they approached things, their ideas and and perspective was so different from the engineers, but so intriguing as well. The German students took us under their wings and showed us how to live like true Germans. They were always a pleasure to talk, work, and hang with. I hope we can stay in touch.

I’ll never forget the all the wonderful things I learned there, and I’ll especially never forget the people I met along the way. 

Thank you!!!

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