Day 13: Free Day in Munich

As for my last day in Germany, I chose to go to Munich with some of my friends for the day. We woke up at a comfortable time and took the train into Munich that morning. I was really surprised how cheap the tickets were. By purchasing a group pass, the tickets came out to around 15 Euros per person both ways.

After the 40 minute train ride, we arrived in Munich. I had to use the restroom, or water closet as its called in Germany. I was frustrated to have to pay 50 cents to use the bathroom though. I understand why they charge that amount, as the bathrooms were very well maintained because they could afford to hire a cleaner to come in regularly with the 50 cent entrance fee. After everyone used the bathroom, we ran into some other American college students from the University of Oklahoma. We talked for a little bit and then went off to enjoy the rest of our day.

The weather was fantastic, definitely the best we’ve seen the entire trip. It was in the upper 60s and sunny which was the perfect weather for relaxing in the Beer Garden. I bought some fish and chips as well as some fresh strawberries for lunch with my friends. We spent about an hour or so there, before leaving to go do some shopping for my family.

Lunch in the Beer Garden

I stopped at the Hofbrauhaus again to get my dad a t-shirt from the original location in Munich. He was very excited to see the pictures I took in there on my first visit to Munich earlier in the trip. I then went to a Starbucks to buy my mom a coffee mug as she collects them from all over the world. For my sister and friends, I stopped and bought a ton of chocolate.

All of my friends then ended up getting some drinks at Starbucks and sitting outside in the fantastic weather. It was really nice to have some downtime during the trip, as we’ve been so busy for the last two weeks. I still couldn’t get over how nice and clean Munich was. For a city its size, there was very little garbage lying around, and the air felt very clean for being in the middle of a city.

A political rally we saw on our way back to the train

After the nice day of shopping and enjoying the city, we all returned that afternoon by train so that we could get back and start packing and writing these blogs. It will be sad to leave Germany, but I’m ready to see my friends and family back home.

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