Entry #3 Huawei visit

On the third day of the trip we went to our first company Huawei. We visited the research and development center in Beijing. This company visit blew me out of the water from the moment we stepped into the building. It was a marble building with an enormous chandelier hanging above. After we entered the building, we headed to their exhibition hall. We were met with a 16k image of the biggest waterfall in China. After that our guide discussed the improvements Huawei was making to develop the 5G network. This network would make download speeds ten times faster than the current 4G network. It has endless applications ranging from Norwegian fishing to farming in China. Huawei have been working in China and multiple European countries like the United Kingdom and Belgium. Along with the 5G network development, Huawei has been trying to make cell service and WIFI more available for rural communities. They have done this by creating lightweight and cheap cellular towers. A cell tower that can bring service to a community for up to one-thousand meters only ways about forty kilograms which is extremely light when comparing it to a normal cell tower used in China or the United States. Another project they are working on is a smart sorter for packages. We saw an example of this in real time when Jack put his water bottle on the conveyer belt and the A1 pushed it off the belt and into a bin because it recognized that it was not the right size package. Towards the end of the tour we saw their phones. Despite Huawei not having a big share in the United States they are dominating the market in China. We saw their newest models on the market with included the P30 and the Nova4, they were very high quality and could compete with Samsung and Apple. Once we were done with the tour we sat down for tea, dessert, and a small presentation. During this presentation the guide stressed the increased growth at Huawei and there most important issue which is privacy for their users. After visiting Huawei, we went to VipKid. VipKid is a company focused on tutoring Chinese children English online. The market for this is huge in China, families are willing to spend up to half of their income making sure their kids are educated and prepared for the university entrance exam. This test is the only thing colleges consider when students apply to their university, so it is extremely important for students. VipKid has contracted teachers from the United States to teach these children. They have found success finding teachers in the United States because they are underpaid at their job in the states, so they need an opportunity to make more money and the hours at VipKid are extremely flexible. This company has had tremendous success since its creation in two-thousand and thirteen. It has grown to over five hundred thousand paying students and sixty thousand teachers in sixty-three different countries. Due to their rapid growth they will be opening a program called LingoBus that will teach Chinese to English students. Both of the company visits on day three were awesome and a good example of what success companies do to keep growing.

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