Entry #2 Balling in Beijing

On the second day in Beijing we went to the Central university of Finance and Economics and attended a lecture about big data and data analytics. This lecture emphasized how rapidly the smartphone market was growing in China. In the year two-thousand there were only two million smartphone users in China. By the year two-thousand and sixteen that number had grown to seven-hundred million. This growth in the smartphone market has led to an advancement in marketing. Google and Amazon have used this increase data from the smartphone users to make better recommendations on their websites. Along with these recommendations, Google uses the click rate to decide what ads are best suited for each website and which ads don’t get any attention. Another company that has benefited from the growth in the ecommerce market is Alibaba and Jack Ma. The biggest holiday in China is singles day, it is on the eleventh of November and everything is half off on Alibaba. This holiday is so big that it backs up China’s postal service for up to two weeks. Another big part of the ecommerce market is paying with your phone. In China fifty five percent of the country uses their phone to pay for products, compared to the United States where only nineteen percent of the population uses their phone. After our lecture we had an activity where we looked at American products that were created in China. An example of this is Kanye West. He grew up in China and was fluent in Chinese before he came to the states to make music. We went to the dining hall for lunch after the lecture, the food was very good, and I tried pig’s blood for the first time, and it had an interesting texture. After we were in done with lunch, we went to visit their library. The library was five floors and about twenty-five meters high. It had a very different system for signing in, instead of finding a random seat and sitting down like Hillman you reserve a seat when you enter so there can be more efficient seating and other students know where to find a seat. In the basement of the library there were pictures of the most beautiful parts of China. Along with the pictures of the countryside there was a metal horse with a flaming tail. The purpose of this metal horse was to motivate the students to push harder and work to their best ability. After we saw the library, we went outside to play jump rope, and everyone went through the rope even Doctor Li. After jump rope we played a game where we had to get a hoop around a circle five times. Jake had the idea of running in a circle so technically we would have gone in a circle five times. We didn’t want to cheat but we ended up losing and had to sing Old Town Road and Krish did a very impressive shoot dance for the whole group. Visiting the University was a good experience because we got to see what it was like to go to college in China, it was an impressive university and a very good visit.

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