Entry #7 Shanghai is Spectacular

This was our first full day in Shanghai and it completely blew me away. The day before we went on a river cruise to see the city and it was lit up like a Christmas tree. We also learned how Shanghai is laid out with West Shanghai being old and East Shanghai being new with buildings like the Shanghai tower, the second tallest building in the world. We started the day off with a visit to a University and got a campus tour. After the tour we had a business lecture at the university about trade. We learned about free trade zones and how they work. In China they use free trade zones to store and handle international goods coming in through their seaports. China is increasing the number of free trade zones every year after the first ones in Shanghai because of its success. If they continue to be effective China will expand to the whole country. Another key part of China’s trade is the negative list. The negative list is an approach to trade that says what you can’t do and allows everything else. The other approach is a positive list which says what you can do and limits the rest. In China foreign investments are banned in internet cafes, lotteries, news organizations, and social surveys. After our lecture went to another room to play a game. This game was really fun because you would pass a water bottle around while playing music, and whoever has the water bottle when the music stops has to perform in front of the whole class. We played a couple rounds and thankfully I never had to perform in front of the class. After that a man from Alabama gave a talk about his journey to China and how he ended up at the university. He has three kids and his wife stays home and homeschools them. He talked about how different China is than America, and the difficulty he had learning mandarin and adapting to the culture. He was a Steelers fan which was really cool. After our visit to the university we went to acrobatics show which was simply incredible. One of the best acts was a girl in red swinging above the stage in a red hoop while doing a ton of tricks, it just blew me away. Another good act was when Jake and Matt went up with the clown and they had to flex their muscles and make a human table. But my favorite was at the end when there was a girl balancing her body on this dude’s head and it was so cool. After the show we had the option to go back to the hotel or walk around the city. We chose to walk around the city, and it was so cool. We saw a Gucci store and went into a Bape store and the prices were ridiculous. A simple T-shirt was almost one-hundred dollars. After walking around the shops, we ran across the biggest Starbucks in the world and it was spectacular. It had Arabic coffee, Asian coffee, and South America coffee that all looked so good. I didn’t get anything because a coffee was like twelve bucks. Overall Shanghai is incredible and continues to impress me.

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