Entry #8 Got a look at Chinese business

Today we went to two companies based in Shanghai. The first company we went to was American Chamber of Commerce. They talked to us about the effects that the trade war had on their company. The Chinese companies that they were working with started to pull out because the trust between America and China was weakening. They also talked about the two reforms that China had since the late seventies. The first reform was after Maos death to boost their economy in order to have a greater economic impact. The second reform came in the nineties with lower prices and controlling housing. The government would sell land to property developers in order to boost the federal budget. Along with a bigger budget it will help create housing for citizens and lower the prices in cities. This has led to a massive growth in China’s GDP and in two-thousand fifteen nine of the top fifteen cities contributing to worldwide GDP were in China, including Shanghai which was second in the world. Another key part of the presentation discussed ecommerce in China. Forty-two percent of the world’s ecommerce occurs in China. This is eleven times more than the United States. During the presentation we learned about the Chinese dream that Xi Jinping wants to implement. One of the key parts of the Chinese dream is increasing China’s global influence. He is doing this through the belt and road initiative. They are doing this to help trade with counties all the way to Western Europe and increase the power of China. After this company visit, we got lunch and went to Horiba. Horiba had an extremely impressive market share across the world. Their main product is a Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer which is used in every country to help new cars get their emission tests before they are ready to be sold. The first product they made was a pH sensor in nineteen forty-five which helped launch the company to what it is today. They had five different sections titled, Automotive Test Systems, Process and Environmental, Medical, Semiconductor, and Scientific. They produce all of their products in house which allows them to make changes quicker and evolve faster. We saw biosensors for both nh4 and for water with carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus. This allows for cleaner water which will improve public health in China. But the funniest part of the company visit was when the spokesman called the two-thousand and eight recession the Lehman Brothers problem which good joke. One of the highlights of the night was walking around down town Shanghai. We didn’t know any Chinese, so we went to KFC which was pretty good for fast food. After that we were determined to find the Dairy Queen in Shanghai because Uncle Joe promised it to us in Xi’an, but we never went. It was good and worth the walk. We took the subway back to the hotel and it was pretty simple because they had an English version and numbers which are easy to use. This was a great day and the visit to Horiba was super exciting because I wrote a paper on biosensors this year so seeing them in action was super cool.  

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