Entry #9 The edge of the world

Today started off super early at seven AM when we took the bus to a port outside of Shanghai. We met a woman from Pitt who went to China for her job in marketing. She talked about her experience abroad and how hard it is to move countries. She said it’s very hard to see her family because they are so far away, and she doesn’t get a lot of time off at her job. This is a good example of comparing American and Chinese culture. In America everyone gets Christmas off while in China no one gets time off like that because they work so much and are so committed.  Another example of the cultural difference is how the workplace is structured. They go on a lot of retreats with their coworkers in order to help their cohesion. Also, they call their boss father and they are very loyal to him because it is supposed to be like a family. We finally got the port and it was incredible. There were a ton of cranes, boats, and crates on the island, which is one of the biggest ports in the world. We saw a beautiful gold carving on a rock which shown in the sunlight. We learned that the biggest exports form America to China are corn and soybeans. This means the tariffs placed on those goods from China will hurt the sale of those products and make a difficult situation for farmers. The second company we visited was part of the Lingang group in China. They have a ton of development areas all over the world from San Francisco to Stockholm. This company is backed by the Chinese government and their main port is located in a free trade zone. They talked about the product that flows through their port and we went to the docks to see the Audis drive off the boat and onto the port. This port was so cool, but you couldn’t see very far because all the fog coming off the water. It takes them about forty-eight hours to unload a full ship. This requires a ton of effort and efficiency but the workers on the dock are well prepared to unload these crates and make it as quick as possible. After going out to the port we went in for lunch and I was really hungry. I lost my appetite when I saw that we were going to eat soft shell turtle. I tried it anyway and it was pretty gross and had a weird texture. Along with the turtle we had some seafood that was very interesting, and I was too scared to try it. The food was so different Dr. Li didn’t know what it was. Seeing this port was incredible because it felt like the end of the world because of how far away it is and the fog surrounding it making it impossible to see long distances. Shanghai has been so incredible, and it is sad that we are getting down to the final days.

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