Entry #10 The final day in China

Sadly, today was the last full day in China, which was very sad, but I was a bit homesick after being gone for two weeks. It was sad to leave Lilian, Dora, and Nancy in China and they were sad to see us go. In the morning we learned about how the population in Shanghai changes so much from the day to the night. During the day there are almost twenty-four million during the day to twelve million after work is over. Shanghai is also extremely expensive to live in. It will cost you ten-thousand dollars for one square meter. This is almost as much as New York City which is thirteen-thousand dollars per square meter. Another expense that the citizens must pay is a license plate. They are twelve-thousand dollars and you pay thirty dollars to enter the lottery which is only a four percent chance to actually get a license plate. These expenses add up and only the richest in China can afford to live in Shanghai. A key part of their system to lower the traffic in the city is set different routes around the city. These roads go around the city and help the trucks move faster and there to be less traffic on the roads that go through Shanghai. We visited the Yu garden which used to be downtown Shanghai. It was really pretty and there was a koi pond in the middle. These koi pond was surrounding an extremely old teahouse where I got some gifts for my sister for her birthday. I got her a stamp with a horse on top cause that is the year she was born. I also got her green tea which smelled so good. There was a shopping area near the Yu garden, and we went into a ton of stores that were selling items you could bargain for like in Xi’an. The coolest store we went to sold collectible characters ranging from Avengers to Batman. The coolest thing we saw was a very realistic infinity gauntlet from both Infinity war and Endgame. This store was super cool but there wasn’t a single thing in there I could afford so we left to walk around for a bit. We entered a park and walked around under the bamboo trees. Surprisingly there were a ton of cats in the forest just roaming around. There were some trimmed from a bush into dolphins which made the park very unique and stand out. The way these parks are built comes from the government buying and demolishing shanty towns/ Shanty towns were older homes that were very crowded that resulted in a very low quality of life. The government buys their small properties for about six-hundred thousand and makes them move to another place in the city. These parks have made the environment better and given Shanghai a eco-friendlier look. The last full day in Shanghai was incredible and I am so thankful to be able to go to China and experience an entirely different culture and country.

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