Day 10: Day Trip to Ulsan

May 13, 2019

I’m definitely going to have to get some more sleep these next few nights if I plan on staying awake throughout the entire day. We had to be ready to go by 7:30 this morning, and that meant falling asleep the second we got on the bus. Thankfully, the ride was a little longer than most we’ve had so far. We traveled from Gyeongju to Ulsan, stopping at two companies along the way.

First up was the Jinsan Marine Management Company, a relatively small shipping group that specialized in the delivery of boat parts. The visit itself was pretty standard. A background lecture on the history of the company and a tour of the facilities. What was surprising, however, was the CEO’s passion for his work. Never in my life have I seen someone so excited to share their experience shipping and delivery small goods. Our guide’s energy was almost infectious, the way he jumped around from one room to the next, showing off the microwaves and fridges he sends from Singapore to the United States.

Next up was Hyundai Heavy Industries. As a portion of the Hyundai conglomerate, HHI works primarily with ship building. Imagine those huge ships that travel across the oceans, carrying tons upon tons of miscellaneous cargo. HHI builds those kinds of ships. The facility we looked at was so big, we couldn’t do the tour on foot. Instead, we went from building to building by bus, stopping every so often to let the tour guide explain each location’s function in the operation.

After that, we were on the road again headed for Ulsan. Though we’re only spending the one night here, I’m interested to see what the night life has to offer. Maybe the locals are up to something special. I can’t wait to check it out.

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