Plus 3 Global Projects: The First Step

My name is Connor Duffy and I am an upcoming sophomore from Easton, Pennsylvania which is about five hours away from Pitt. I am a prospective Marketing major and I plan to either dual in Business Information Systems or Supply Chain Management. Since high school I have worked in a few different food service jobs, so I have really had the opportunities to develop and perfect my teamwork, social, and customer service skills. I have absolutely loved my first year here at the University of Pittsburgh and I am very grateful that I was able to spend the year on campus, even if all my classes were online. I have made tons of new friends that I could not imagine my life without, became involved in several different clubs and activities, and learned a lot about the business world. I decided to apply for the Plus 3 program because I wanted to push myself further outside of my comfort zone. I used to be a person who did not really like change, but due to the turbulent nature of 2020 I really began to embrace it. I found myself thriving in college and learning more about different walks of life and the world around me than I ever have before. I think that this program serves as the perfect way to do both of those things. As someone who has never been outside of the United States, I am really looking forward to working with and learning from people with different and valuable life experiences than me. Even though it is over a Zoom meeting, I think the personal benefits I will take away from this program will be well worth the time. On a professional level, I am excited to make more of a name for myself within the Pitt Business community and I am looking forward to the connections and relationships that will stem from this shared experience I will have with my classmates. On an academic level I am delighted that I will have the chance to work on earning credit towards my degree over the summer. I also believe that having the structure of the program every day will help me to focus and keep an organized schedule over the summer break. I can not wait to get started with the program!

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