Plus3 Global Projects: An Intro to Me

Hi! My name is Sebastian Santos and I am a rising sophomore attending The University of Pittsburgh. I have not had the chance to declare a major yet but I am currently planning to major in Finance and get a minor in Economics, along with a certification in Business Analytics. After I graduate I hope to put those degrees to work as a Financial Analyst in New York or to possibly for the Federal Reserve in D.C.

A little about myself is that I’m from a small town in Pennsylvania that is called Easton which is a little over an hour from Philadelphia and around five hours from Pittsburgh. Some of my favorite things are snowboarding, going on drives with friends, working out, and listening to music. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up near a mountain where I was able to go up and snowboard every day as a kid, so it’s been my favorite pass time for a while and helps make the winters fun. Music is a key part of my day and I find myself listening 24/7. Whether it rap, indie, rock, alternative, or pop I’ll listen to just about anything and love finding a new artists discography to go through. As for what I’m involved in at Pitt, I am a Junior Analyst for Panther Equity which is a student run investment fund as well as a member of the League of Emerging Analytics Professionals (LEAP). This coming fall I plan to try out and hopefully make Pitt’s club rowing team, so I’ve been busy working out and training for that these past few months.

By participating in the Plus3 program this summer I hope to become a more strategic thinker, a better team member, and to make connections that will last through my college experience as well as what comes after. Studying aboard and working with students who came from a completely different environment is a wild concept to me. Going through this program and seeing how they tackle challenges and problems will give me to opportunity to apply their strategies myself and implement what works best into my own life. Working together through this program with others’ who elected to take this time out of their summer will also be a great experience, I can develop valuable teamwork skills with those who are committed to this program and work with them to overcome it’s challenges. Through this work I hope to establish and build a relationship with those in my team that I will be able to carry through the rest of my education and into the future.

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