Plus3 Global Projects: Zoom Edition

Hello! My name is Andres Vasquez and I am an upcoming sophomore Pitt Business student. I am a prospective Marketing/Supply Chain major but that could change given what I learn from this program. Even though I am a business student, I want a career that ties medicine and assisting others and I would like to use this program to build a better understanding of how I can do just that.

Just a little bit about myself, I am from Houston, Texas (21 hours away from Pitt) with deep roots in Zacatecas, Mexico. I love to travel, meet new people, play guitar, hang with friends, play sports, and just get out of my comfort zone. Although I was not able to get a full year of an in-person college experience, I am excited to go back in the fall and participate in club/intramural sports and continue my involvement in Latinx Student Association, Roberto Clemente Minority Business Association, and Pitt EBI.

Ever since I decided to attend Pitt I knew I wanted to do one thing: study abroad. When I got to visit Pitt and take a look at the plus3 program, I knew that this school was going to give me the best college experience. Although this program is virtual, I am beyond excited to meet fellow Latin peers and be able to learn more about them and their experiences. As I mentioned earlier, I would like to incorporate the medical field in my career and I know this program will help me do that. I am curious to learn about the healthcare industry and connect with people who have a passion for medicine as business students. It would mean the world to me to be able to connect with individuals and learn what path they took that got them to be in the career they are in currently. The fact that I get to have a fun experience, learn more about a potential future career, and have a chance to earn credit towards my degree, is a blessing within itself and I can not wait to get started. Plus this is an amazing opportunity to practice my Spanish and learn as much as I can before I become an exchange student in Barcelona, Spain for my junior year.

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