Zoomin to South America


My name is Price Marlow and I am a rising sophomore at the College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh in the class of 2024. As a student of the College of Business at the University of Pittsburgh, I am currently “business undecided” leaning towards either Marketing or Information systems. I am also minoring in Physics. I am also a member of both the Business Honors College and the Honors College.

I am from Cockeysville, Maryland which is a suburb that is 30 Minutes north of downtown Baltimore, and I have lived in Maryland my whole life. I attended the Boys Latin School of Maryland for High School. In school, I participated in the Boy Scouts of America and became an Eagle Scout. Scouts have fostered my love of the outdoors. I also have a strong passion for local, national, and international politics and I am not afraid to share my opinion when asked. I am a huge Baltimore sports fan supporting both the Ravens and the Orioles. Like politics, I love talking sports so don’t hesitate to discuss either of those potentially controversial topics with me. Professionally, I have been a Mutuel Supervisor with the Maryland Jockey Club where I work with some of the betting customers and deal with some of their complaints. At that job I also confirm payouts as well. Also a covid business, I have developed is that I try to hunt things at Walmart and Target, and other stores and then resell them on eBay or Stockx.

I was actually really excited when I found out that the program was in South America and about health care, as I have been interested in learning about the South American health care system since my sister, Mariel, returned home after completing her doctorate in Brazil. She has shared many stories about her experience working at different Brazilian medical institutions where she worked towards her doctorate as an epidemiologist. She has told me many fascinating things about her work in Brazil with the Zika virus. So having previous knowledge about Latin America makes me very intrigued and excited for this opportunity.

From this great opportunity I, personally, hope to meet people. With all of the Covid restrictions this year it has been hard to meet people at Pitt. I am also equally excited to make some new friends in South America.

Academically, I hope to become better at completing group projects. I have only taken one specific business class at Pitt and have not had that much experience with group projects. I know they are going to be a big part of my experience at Pitt, and I am thrilled to have some more practice with them.

Professionally, I just hope to create some contacts in South America and to improve my consulting and problem solving skills.

Finally, I am very excited to meet everyone and to have the best three weeks that I can during this troubling covid time, and I can’t wait to zoom accross South America.

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