Plus3 Program: Introduction!

Hi! My name is Ivy Chang, and I’m from Downingtown, Pennsylvania which is located just outside of Philadelphia. I am currently pursuing a dual degree in Finance and Economics at the University of Pittsburgh. As I am currently a Sophomore, I have spent the majority of my time at Pitt fulfilling the requirements for my economics degree, so I can’t wait to explore more finance courses next semester. However, my interests academically are not limited to these two fields. I love to study languages (I studied French for six years and German for four), write, read books (and collect them! I probably own more books than I’ll ever have time to read), and do art (I sketch, paint, knit, crochet, sew, sculpt, and make jewelry. My quarantine hobby was knitting, and I spend a lot of my free time making sweaters for friends and family. I’m studying Finance and Economics because I hope to one day enter a career in business consulting at a large international firm like McKinsey or Deloitte. I’m interested in consulting because it is such a diverse career in that it requires knowledge and skills from several disciplines. Consulting problems demand creativity and innovation, and I love the idea of tackling new and exciting complex problems everyday at work. Consultants also have the opportunity to travel a lot as they work with new companies which appeals to my desire to travel the world and experience new places.

I decided to apply to this program because I hope my future career won’t be limited to the country in which I was born. I would love to work in multiple countries, explore different cultures, and learn new languages. I’m hoping to gain experience working in multicultural and international teams, so I can be prepared for a global career. In the past, I have spent summers working in Thailand as a teacher at a small supplementary school and have cherished the opportunity to live and work in a fascinating new city. In the future, I aspire to mimic this experience and learn more about the world. Thus, I can’t wait to start this Plus3 program and am looking forward to meeting everyone!

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