Plus3 Global Projects: Introduction


Hi! My name is Caitlin Jarrell but I go by Cate. I am a rising sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh in the College of Business Administration and the University Honors College. My majors are Finance and Global Management, and I am also minoring in French and Political Science. After graduation, I hope to move to France and work as a financial manager. I really enjoy learning about management so I plan on focusing my career on being a manager, not just working in finance.

To start off, I will share a bit about myself! I am from a small town in West Virginia, about 3 hours from Pitt. I love going to Pitt because I love the city and enjoy exploring downtown restaurants and scenery with my friends! I also like to play softball and volleyball, drive around and sing along to loud music, and go swimming and tubing during the summer. Freshman year at Pitt was so much fun and I cannot wait to return in the fall when more events will hopefully happen! Along with Plus3 Global Projects, I am also taking 2 summer classes and working at a job, so my summer should be very busy!

I decided to apply for Plus3 when I first toured Pitt in February 2020. When COVID-19 cancelled travelling for study abroad programs and Plus3 Global Projects was introduced, I knew that I wanted to apply. I think that participating in an international program early in my college experience will be beneficial to my future career. I want to study abroad for a full semester either junior or senior year, so I am excited to get abroad experience now, even though it is virtual! This program will introduce me to new people with very different backgrounds as well as educate me more on South American culture, so I am very open to taking in every piece of knowledge. I know that the connections I will make during this program will last a long time and I can make invaluable bonds, personally and professionally. Because I plan to work abroad after graduation, I believe that this experience is also beneficial in preparing me for new cultures. This program will teach me how to collaborate with new people and adapt to unfamiliar cultures, which is exactly what I will need to do in my career. I am so excited to meet everyone and work together during this program!

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