Cargo and Cranes

Today we visited the Limassol New Port and the three companies that operate there. Dubai Ports (DP) World has a general cargo terminal and a passenger terminal, P&O runs maritime services for the port, and Eurogate has a containers terminal. First, we saw the DP World passenger terminal. This is where passengers on cruise ships pass through before they can enter Cyprus. However, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly decreased its usage, as most cruise ships stopped running. This led to a 25-30% decrease in revenue for DP World. Today, there are more passengers that go through this terminal as cruise ships get back to operating. We also spoke to someone from P&O, who described how they provide maritime services to keep the terminals running. Both tug boats and pilot boats are used to help the large ships navigate through the port. This is essential to keeping the port productive and efficient. Finally, we visited Eurogate’s container terminal. Eurogate focuses on a few main tasks: loading and unloading container cargo, truck delivery of containers, and storage of containers. When removing the containers from the ships, they use a crane to pick it up. After it is lowered to the port, a straddle carrier picks it up and moves it to storage or to a truck. Because Cyprus does not have many exports, after unloading the containers, not all of them are filled back up. This means that empty containers are often placed back on the ships.

In the afternoon, we spoke to members of Cyprus Shipping Agents Association (CSA), and Cyprus Ports Authority (CPA). Shipping Agents are responsible for providing services to ships and resolving issues that may arise, which make it easier for them to operate. The ports of Cyprus are regulated by the CPA. They supervise the ports with a focus on optimization, sustainability, digitalization. In order to optimize the operations of the Limassol New Port, the CPA commercialized the port. This means that the ports no longer have to operate under government regulations, which simplifies many processes, such as setting a budget. It also means that the companies that run the different terminals of the port can bring new innovations to the ports of Cyprus. The CPA is also very focused on sustainability and reducing negative impacts on the environment. They are following goals set by the United Nations to achieve this. Digitalization is something the CPA, as well as the companies operating the port, are also very focused on. Digitalization of different processes increases efficiency of the port, so it is valuable to work on.

Limassol New Port is an essential part of the supply chain for many industries. If DP World, P&O, and Eurogate did not operate efficiently, transportation of goods would be much harder for companies. Cyprus Ports Authority’s control over each of these companies provides guidelines that help them to do this.  

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