Day 3 in Cyprus; 4/11/22

Our day started yet again at 8 AM, this time with a bus ride to the port city of Limassol. I do find that early wake-ups are more or less bearable when traveling in beautiful countries, and this trip has been no exception. I have the bus ride to catch up on sleep, after all. 

I dozed off for a while until the Mediterranean came into view. There is something so awe-inspiring about it—all of the myths and legends coming to life before my eyes. When we stepped off the bus in Limassol, I felt a cool breeze from the sea and promptly decided that the weather could not be more perfect. Nicosia is great, but the sea adds a certain freshness to the sun and blue sky. 

I was loath to leave the sun and go inside for the Dubai Port World presentation, but the speaker happened to be my favorite so far. The shipping industry has quite a few nuances to consider. Ports are highly organized because they have to be; with ships bearing different cargo coming in from all directions, efficiency is key. I learned that DP World was one of a few companies that participated in the privatization of Limassol Port in 2017. The government still takes 52% of their revenue, and since the contract is set to expire in 25 years (barring a 12 year extension), DP World must be urgent and disciplined in turning a profit. A key component of their vision is becoming a port of choice for cargo carriers by optimizing safety, turnover, and data tracking.

After the talk, we returned to the bus so that the DP World representative could give us a tour of the docks and cranes. The cranes are much larger in real life than I expected. Dr. Sherwin told me that many new cranes today use magnets to lift containers; I am not sure I saw any of these, but I could be wrong. I was perhaps too distracted by the turquoise Mediterranean waters. What a fabulous place to work. 

We got to explore the Limassol marina and old city in the afternoon, and it only deepened my love for this Mediterranean gem of an island. A few friends and I wandered into souvenir shops and quaint alleyways, then took some photos on the dock. I look forward to returning tomorrow and Friday!

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